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CBH Podcast Episode 8: 1986, The Year Comics Grew Up or Turned Out the Lights
November 29, 2017 Comic Book Historians
Alex Grand, Bill  Field, and Jim Thompson discuss 1986 as the year comics grew up, or became modern, or just became dark while discussing some of the creative achievements of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and Jim's not personal favorite, John Byrne. How did Frank Miller and Alan Moore change comics forever?  Did John Byrne break a new creative height or did he jump the shark that year?  What did Mark Gruenwald have to do with DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths?   Did Maus popularize the serious adult themed graphic novel?  How did Jim Shooter permanently affect DC Comics and how did Cadence selling Marvel to New World Entertainment change the Marvel we all knew and loved?  Where did the Bison head go? ©Comic Book Historians, Dark Knight Returns ©DC Comics, Tropical House / Yuriy Bespalov - Standard License. Support us at
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