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CBH Podcast Episode 7: The Comic Strip and Comic Book Industry circa 1934!!
November 11, 2017 Comic Book Historians
Alex Grand, Bill  Field, and Jim Thompson discuss the 1934 newspaper comic industry specifically the decline of the old guard like Windsor McCay, and the upsurge of the new guys who would end the newspaper golden age with a bang including Milton Caniff and Alex Raymond.  How did Milton Caniff and Alex Raymond change the choreography of Newspaper Strips and how did that affect the buddening Golden Age of Comic Books?  Why do Newspaper Comic Strips at this time matter?  What was the comic book industry doing at this time?  Who is Major Malcom Wheeler-Nicholsen and what did he bring to comic books when he created National Allied Periodicals, the company that would later change its name to DC Comics?  Where is the Bison head? ©Comic Book Historians, Flash Gordon ©King Feature Syndicate. Support us at
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