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CBH Podcast Episode 6: 1972 Marvel Horror Comics Halloween Special!!!
October 31, 2017 Comic Book Historians
Alex Grand, Bill  Field, and Jim Thompson discuss the 1972 Marvel Horror comics movement pushed mainly by Roy Thomas for our Halloween podcast extra spooky extravaganza.  How does DC's exploration into horror in 1968, effect Marvel in 1972?  How do the Universal Monsters fit into Marvel?  Marvel experiments with monster anti-hero's with Werewolf by Night, Tomb of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Tales of the Zombie with Simon Garth, Man-Thing, etc.  What was Roy Thomas' vision for the horror genre at Marvel when he became editor in chief?  Bill tells a great story of his grandmother's run in with... Frederic Wertham?!? Find out Jim's conversational kryptonite!  What is the secret of the Bison Head??©Comic Book Historians, Frankenstein ©Universal, Marvel ©Marvel Comics. Support us at
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