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CBH Podcast Episode 12: 1976, Marvel Bicentennial with Editor clashes and DC Publisher Changes
January 06, 2018 Comic Book Historians
Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss 1976 with the pertinent goings on at Marvel and DC. Marvel Editor-In-Chief plays music chairs, and DC has their own backdoor shake ups as Carmine Infantino is out and Jenette Kahn is in. Jack Kirby returns to Marvel to celebrate the bicentennial, Marv Wolfman creates Nova, and Steve Gerber shakes up the Marvel Universe with a Howard the Duck presidential run, as Vance Astro and Nikki copulate to prevent a universe wide cataclysm, and Phoenix first appears in X-Men as Chris Claremont solo starts his X-Men run. Howard the Duck ©Marvel, Nova ©Marvel, Superman vs Spider-Man ©DC/Marvel, Shazam ©DC, X-Men ©Marvel, No Sense Remix - Standard License. Support us at
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