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CBH Podcast Episode 13: J. David Spurlock discusses 1968, Steranko & The Super Silver Age
February 03, 2018 Comic Book Historians

Alex Grand, Bill Field, Jim Thompson and special guest, Vanguard Publisher, Pop Culture Author-Historian, and Creator Rights Advocate, J. David Spurlock discuss 1968, the Silver Age, and its possible creative and design peak with Jim Steranko. In great detail, J. David Spurlock goes over Steranko's life before 1968, his music band, career in advertising, his comic book work in the late 1960s at Marvel Comics culminating in an incredibly celebrated run in comic books that peaked in 1968, his intense relationship with Stan Lee, his later life in publishing, and beyond. Get the inside scoop on the life and times of Jim Steranko. All while Jim Thompson also discusses his fondness for guns in holsters. SHIELD & X-Men ©Marvel, No Sense Remix - Standard License. Support us at

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