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CBH Podcast Episode 14: 1953 Horror!!! Freedom of Screech or Speech? Tales of the Crypt and Wertham
February 17, 2018 Comic Book Historians
Alex Gravedigger Grand, Bill Field of Screams, and Jim Empty Tomb Thompson discuss 1953 and the horror genre. Was EC Comics the King of Horror? Who invented horror comics? What other comics made horror and were they any good? Why did Crime Comics naturally lead into Horror? What was the relationship between Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein, and who are the best horror comic book artists of the time? Why did Wertham write anti-comics articles for the Ladies Home Journal? What psychologically led toward such a morbid interest in horror at this time in the USA? Why are we called Tripod? Jack Davis, Howard Nostrand, Reed Crandall, Joe Orlando and more! No Sense Remix - Standard License, EC Comics ┬ęGaines. Support us at
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