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CBH Podcast Episode 15: 1953 EC Science Fiction! with Superman and Astro Boy!
March 02, 2018 Comic Book Historians

Alex Galactic Grand, Bill Assteroid Field, and Jim Jupiter Thompson discuss 1953 and the science fiction genre. Was EC Comics the King of Science Fiction? Who invented Science Fiction Comics and why were they popular at this time? Why did traditional Science Fiction die out as a comic book genre. What was the relationship between Bill Gaines and Wally Wood, and who are the best science fiction comic book artists of the time? Which science fiction author jumped on the comic book bandwagon? How did the Superman TV show bury Shazam and trigger Martin Goodman? Who pulls the biggest boner this episode? Harry Harrison, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando and more! No Sense Remix - Standard License, EC Comics ©Gaines, Adventures of Superman ©Warner Bros, Astro Boy ©Tezuka. Support us at

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