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CBH Podcast Episode 16: 1956 Atlas Comics. Kirby, Ditko, Lee & Maneely! From Knights to the Year Atlas Shrugged
March 15, 2018 Comic Book Historians
Alex Galahad Grand, Sir Billiam Field, and Jim the Bright Knight Thompson discuss Atlas Comics from 1955 Knights through 1956, to 1957, when Atlas shrugged. Why was Atlas the rising comic book company star of 1956? What brought Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Joe Maneely to work there along with a good chunk of the EC Comics artists? Why were Knights so popular in 1955 and how did the comics code shape this genre? What factors around this year and the next set course to later create Marvel Comics? How did the flood at Charlton push Ditko to work at Atlas? Should we start paying each other in meat balls? Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Joe Maneely, Stan Lee, Wally Wood and more! EC Comics ©Gaines, Adventures of Superman ©Warner Bros, Astro Boy ©Tezuka, No Sense Remix - Standard License. Support us at
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