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Bill Field interviews Hashman authors Alex Grand & Joshua S. Berman

June 01, 2023 Presented by Alex Grand
Comic Book Historians
Bill Field interviews Hashman authors Alex Grand & Joshua S. Berman
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Show Notes

Bill Field returns from the exciting life of television production to host and interview comics historian Alex Grand & medical marijuana pioneer Joshua S. Berman about their award-winning graphic novel, Hashman about real-life raconteur 'Joey Berkowitz' and his life in the vice world of the illegal and legalized cannabis trade. 

Hashman available on, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers.
Hashman Trailer here:

Hashman synopsis: Award-winning graphic novel about Criminal-turned-psychologist Joey Berkowitz whose complicated past, extends through East Coast mobs, the psychedelic 60s, the New York celebrity drug culture, Berkeley Peace movement, the Paris riots, Altamont, Woodstock, laundering money in Southeast Asia, and sitting meditation courses in Tibet. Join Joey as he manages to escape prosecution time and time again by the seat of his pants, ultimately becoming a noteworthy shrink in Seattle where he manages to find himself as a central figure in the worldwide cannabis legalization scene as its most notorious authorizing doc, dispensary financier, and industry stalwart. Will he make it thru? Or will the law finally catch up with him?

Hashman is important because it offers a true snapshot of life as a hustler in the late 20th century American pop culture landscape, and how he enters the modern era, offering a view of the underground world of cannabis, and how it evolved for the last 5 decades from its seedy roots to a sterile and legalized corporate venture. Get a front row seat in how the massive need for security, rooted in a childhood trauma, can mix with greed and an obsession for vice to eventually lead to one's personal destruction.

Based on a series of interviews with eye witnesses, court reports, and newspaper articles carefully used to construct an authentic and visually visceral ride through the life of a well connected cannabis pioneer.

Edited & Produced by Alex Grand.  Images used in artwork ©Their Respective Copyright holders, CBH Podcast ©Comic Book Historians. Thumbnail Artwork ©Comic Book Historians.

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